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About us

The Togibaba Limited is a corporation fulfilling the requirements of its global customers in its two core markets Germany and Turkey on the highest level. With Germany we open the gate to our customers to Europe and with Turkey the gate to the Orient.

Your entrepreneurial success is important to us. With our customized product and consulting offers we set us the goal to increase your competitiveness. Both for products and services from Germany and Turkey and for products and services into Germany and Turkey, we offer individual solutions to you. Together with you we want to make a substantial contribution to your success in the foreign trade and other business activities with Germany and Turkey.

With our modular consulting services we optimize your added value at your foreign businesses, so that you can exhaust the potentials of our core markets Germany and Turkey according to your company targets. We offer you both help at your decisions to define your company targets according the real potentials and strategies to procurement and sales to realize your targets. At the implementation of your strategies we support you both with the pure completion of your foreign trade business and with your complex direct investments. With our multifaceted modular consulting service we offer further customized solutions.

Since the competitive advantages of our core countries Germany and Turkey are outstandingly complement to each other, we can offer you both on production and on the consumer side a wide and deep product offer to competitive prices. While we offer from Germany industrial and technologically complex products like chemical products, medical products, motor vehicles, machines and plants, we offer from Turkey labour intensive as well as hand-made products such as textiles, leather products, food, furniture and natural stones. With our products to fair prices we want to increase your competitiveness through a substantial contribution to reduce your costs.

For our private customers we offer in our shops with different product focuses a shopping experience of the other kind. Enjoy the advantages of boundless shopping with us. Your desires and satisfaction are important to us. At us you find the newest trends, manifold products as well as products made to measure, the possibility of the individual order and competent consultation. Innovative products and services with additional customer use as well as products with innovative design meeting special aesthetic requirements and handmade lifestyle products shape the core range in our product offer.

As a multi-cultural startup, we are conscious of our social responsibility, which we try to cope with by our various commitments. In the context of our possibilities we support people and projects within the areas innovation and start-ups in Germany and Turkey. In the social and cultural field we engage ourselves in Germany with the integration of immigrants and in Turkey in the field of education and handicapped people in need of help.

The Togibaba Limited is a foreign trade agency of the other kind. We offer you the advantages of a trading company with our extensive product offer and the advantages of a consulting company with our solid market knowledge. Additionally to our two core countries Germany and Turkey we are also active in the Asiatic area.

We inform you gladly in detail. With our flexibility, speed and reliability paired with discretion you get individualized solutions to fair prices, which we on demand realize for you. Our basic principle, the key to success lies in the pure simplicity.

We thank you for your confidence.